Nobody wants to be different, why is that?

Think Piece

Nobody wants to be different any more. Though being different is what gets you to stick out, to be noticed, especially if this is what you need.

Algorithms have led to solidifying the ‘follow’.

But how strange this is.

On the one hand, if you follow an algorithm you are supposed to get noticed, but on the other hand, by following the algorithm just like everyone else is doing, the likelihood of you being noticed is still low as you are lumped with all the others.

Being different (doing things differently, thinking differently) means that you aren’t going to fit in the algorithm. You will be missed, ignored, or invisible. And this is the biggest malaise that our Western bubble has been experiencing in the last mainly ten years.

Creating an algorithm for a niche market may be the answer. Those of that niche would know what they are looking for.

But I don’t know. This whole realization of how we don’t want to be different is where the problem lies.

Fashion was an opportunity to wear the things we like and want. But now, it’s all the same, not only in the designing and production but in the wearing.

There is so much wrong with algorithms.

Go onto Instagram, and for some reason everyone is filming themselves doing yogic headstands. I don’t think ‘this is cool’, I actually think ‘this is so boring.’

Seeing the same things is just so boring. Why are we doing this to ourselves? All chasing the exact same thing by doing the same thing.

I just don’t get it.

Embrace your awkwardness because it is what makes you, you and most importantly connects you to community.

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