Think Piece

Embrace your awkwardness because it means you embrace yourself as a full human being.

By doing so you embrace that you are different and that it is okay to see things and do things differently.

I have tried for too long to fit in the box and I can’t seem to get in. I just pop out, spill over all the time. And I am pretty tired of trying to stuff myself in.

I am okay now with this fact, I accept it, because I know, somewhere out there, others are too.

When it comes to looking for a job I am pretty tired of being told “this is how it is done”, “you need to blag a bit or use these words to get a job”, or “accept making these changes in order to get a job.”

But I just can’t, it doesn’t align with my values. It will make me mentally unwell, I will be selling myself short and thus not performing at my best, which means someone will miss out. Which means nobody is content and this is just a waste.

Sharing my thoughts without seeking conclusions. Environment. Work. Business. Human behaviour. Always starting with a first draft.