Climate action is not only about nature

Think piece — first draft. A thought in development

Productivity, success, are all concepts that have led us to devalue, even doubt and distrust our self and are part of the problem contributing to the destruction of nature, the environment, our planet.

Much of our (lack of) climate action is not directly linked to the environment or that of reducing pollution. Because it is humans that have created this destruction, we need to look at ourselves, how we live in order to understand what is going on. It starts with a different way of living. I am not just talking about the tangible concept of lifestyle, that of materialism and actions. I am speaking of how we understand and see our self and others in the world.

There is a lack of harmony on our planet. The concept of sustainability is about a balance of a cycle, one that rejuvenation requires both stillness and removal. And as humans we are part of nature, we also exist in this same cycle. If the human who are creating the environmental pollution are themselves (ourselves) living unsustainably as beings, then we will lack the possibility of supporting the cycle of the environment we live in.

I have difficulty explaining what I mean but I will give it a go.

How often do we realise we don’t agree with something that is happening or that it doesn’t make sense but we do nothing about it. Some reasons are fears of putting ones life in danger, fears of losing a job, fear of being different. These are understandable but they are actually not natural. We dismiss what intuitively speaks to us because everyone else is doing it one way, so it must be right. We dismiss our intuition and replace it with doubt.

We live in contrast to our own human nature. We live in constant pursuit of control. We are afraid of nature. We are thus afraid of our own self. How can that be?

The constant push of productivity and the reaching for success is creating separation from our selves and the nature we live in and depend on. We cannot be productive or have success in whatever way you want to define it, if we do not have nature.

I don’t know exactly where I am going with this, but there is something.

Sharing my thoughts without seeking conclusions. Environment. Work. Business. Human behaviour. Always starting with a first draft.